Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christopher McCandless And His Abandoned Magic Bus.The Film Into The Wild Has Been An Inspiration To Many And One Person In Particular...

Christopher 'Alexander Supertramp' McCandless. His 'Magic Bus' and 'Into The Wild'. The film that has inspired many and changed one young man's life in particular.
Young Chris McCandless wished to make a difference with his life.
He did. He's inspired thousands all over the world and in particular, down under in New Zealand, nineteen year old Brando Yelavich was inspired partly by his hero 'Supertramp' to walk the entire New Zealand Coastline.
He dreamed it and he did it as those of you who've been following him here will know.
The latest update on Wildboy Brando is here. And for a fuller insight into the inspirational young man Christopher McCandless, who we see in the first photo sitting outside his Magic Bus and who died from possibly eating poisonous wild berries, look here.
Here's to the Supertramps of the world...


  1. Why did he die so very young? In the pictures, he looked healthy and strong and living where and how he did, I would think that it would lead to a long, interesting life.

  2. Sorry, I must be getting forgetful in my old age. Your blog did state that he died from possibly eating poison mushrooms.

  3. I don't think Alex McCandless was a hero at all. Reckless and careless, with no thought for his own well being, he went into the wilderness ill-equipped and with little knowledge. Glad the other guy is ok, he must have had some skill for surviving.

  4. One of the few freedoms that can be exercised by any man on this planet is the ability to subject himself to any and all experiences, good or bad, as long as his fellow man is not subject to the whims or consequences of his actions. This man stands as example.
    Travel the unknown in peace Mr. McCandless.

  5. I agree! It takes no imagination to avoid responsibilities, ignore obligations to family & loved ones, to make an effort to contribute something to mankind. Much easier & cowardly to live like an animal in a filthy relic of a bus & die needlessly because of recklessness in identifying wild food. Even 8 yr old Boy Scouts learn this. Nope, no hero to me!

    1. you might want to do your homework on this one - he was actually quite well informed.

  6. It was originally thought that Chris was poisoned by a toxic alkaloid called swainsonine, by ingesting seeds (Hedysarum alpinum) otherwise known as sweet pea; containing the toxin, or maybe by a mould that grows on them, however lab tests found neither of these in his system. It has now been postulated that he died from starvation. Photos taken from a few months beforehand showed a gaunt skeletal man who got too weak to gather the calories he needed to survive.
    Whilst his quest was honourable, he really was not well prepared to live the life he wanted to lead. A sad loss indeed.

  7. always in my heart, for ever a hero. Rest in peace Alex and may all of us have the courage to do what u did, try to actually LIVE our lifes.u wont be forgotten