Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Enjoy The Timeless Elegence And Simplicity Of These Beautiful Wooden Watches...

Until I saw these beautiful, elegant and simple wooden watches featured on Treehugger,
I hadn't even considered wooden timepieces like these would even exist.
The folk at the small independent Analog Watch Co based in Philedalphia Pennsylvania spent months researching, prototyping and sourcing material, then countless caffeine fueled hours they say, experimenting, testing and creating.
They care about craftsmanship, beauty and simplicity. They are inspired by nature, leaves, trees, rocks, trickling water and crickets singing
in the night.
They are a little company who have a great philosophy. It's important for them to put back to the environment from which they take.
So, for every watch sold, they plant a tree.
Their beautiful watches are made using wood off-cuts, genuine leather for the straps and recycled packaging.
A company for our times...


  1. Those are really nice!! Never saw any like that before.

  2. I once had a watch that was a gift from a friend. It showed the phases of the Moon and was a gorgeous object. Then late one night as I waited for a bus in San Francisco, I was robbed of it at gunpoint. I've never had one since, that I can remember.