Tuesday, October 14, 2014

While In China You Can Visit India England America Venice Rome France Egypt And Other Places In The World Without Leaving The Country...

It's called Duplitecture.
And China is very good.
Or very bad. At Duplitecture.
It's copycat architecture.
Never mind the fact that many millions of Chinese live in sometimes horrendous conditions, the planners of China are hell bent to take what they see as the best in the world, other country's iconic architecture and replicate it at enormous expense in their own country.
So within the space of a few hours it's possible to visit various areas of China and see a duplicate of the Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, the Leaning Tower of Piza, Sydney's Opera House, another Taj Mahal, yet another copy of The White House and until they've removed it under pressure from Egypt, Giza's Great Sphinx. For most Chinese who don't and won't ever have the option of leaving their homeland and seeing the real world,
it's as good as the real thing...


  1. They do it very well but nothing beats the real thing!

  2. Very nice,... but do they have a duplicate of Mr. Sharkey's Housetruck?

  3. Well, I guess it keeps a lot of people employed, at probably meager wages but...

  4. They do this with sculptures too. At my local occult bookstore they sell figurines of the Greek gods and others, cast in resin, for sale to pagan revivalists, all made in China. I have to admit the quality is pretty good, and they're cheap; which makes it hard for local artists to undercut them, dammit.

    Maybe this is one way that artifacts of western civilization will be preserved. If some successor to the IS ever overruns Europe and burns down all the monuments and museums, there might not be too much left of the old stuff. To this day, most surviving classical sculptures from the ancient world are Roman copies, not the vanishingly rare Greek originals.

  5. Fantastic! They have really good architecture but real things are ...unique. Best regards!