Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This Strange Shed Is Made With Recycled Automobile Tyres...

Small backyard sheds come in a large variety
of styles and shapes and make use of many different materials, but here's something rather quirky and well, different.
Tyres have been used in the construction of Earthships for a long time, check out Michael Reynolds, but Dutch designers Denis Oudendijk and Jan Korbes created this unusual 26ft x 8ft shed using recycled doors and windows and plexiglass sheeting laid over a wooden frame that's cladded with cut-up 'tyre shingles'.
It's called Le Maison Comme or The Rubber House and it looks like there's lots of mileage
still left in those tyres...


  1. I guess it's waterproof, and that's the most practical aspect of using recycled rubber tyres as a cladding.
    Aesthetically it doesn't do it for me, but it only has to satify the creators on that score, and they are certainly original.....Bee

  2. I don't find it aesthetically pleasing but anything made from recycled materials is worth doing. Wonderful!

  3. Words fail me...

    I can only imagine what the neighbors, who have to look at the exterior all day, must think.

    1. I've never known words to fail you and we don't ever tire of them...

  4. Should bounce well in event of an earthquake.

  5. I can only imagine the odor while the sun beats down in summer. While a doable recycle, not one I would want for anything but long-term machine space.

  6. I recently cut up some tires so they could be dumped, so that shed used up allot of energy just to get the raw material ready to use! Top marks for creativity & originality .....I'd get tyred of the colour and in summer the heat could be cooking!

  7. As long as the tyres are outside and not inside - tyres are renown for off-gassing masses of toxic chemicals, especially out in the hot sun....but definitely creative.

  8. Tyres? Love the spelling. It's Tires, in the U.S. We always have to be different.