Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Packtasche. A Convenient Lightweight Inexpensive Recyclable Cardboard Pannier Bag For Cyclists...

A nice idea from Viennese Architecture students Philipp Moherndl and Matthias Lechner.
Pannier bags are great, but they're expensive and people are nervous about leaving them on their bikes because they might get stolen
say the two young designers.
The Packtasche is a pair of cardboard panniers that you can fold up in seconds, use for shopping with its convenient handle, and put on your bike. We wanted to make it as smooth as possible to switch from being a pedestrian to getting on a bike, says Matthias, you can stop at the supermarket or in front of the store, go inside, get a Packtasche, do all your shopping in it, put it on your rack, and you're good to go.
And if it rains...


  1. I am not a 'city' person but I like the idea of being able to do your day to day stuff with a bike.... Cardboard bags are a fine idea!

  2. That was the first thing I thought of is what happens to it in a heavy rain?

  3. Well, it's obvious, you just don't shop with a bike if there's rain about.........

  4. So wax the cardboard like you do with multiuse produce shipping cartons which might add what, 6 ounces? Perhaps double thickness where the handle passes over the rack/strengthens the hand holes at the same time? I'll second Sixbears' observation.

  5. Once again, another product designed and produced and touted as better when it is actually just something new to replace something that works just fine.

    Why can't there be surfboard bikes with handlebars and propellers ? There can be if someone will send me a check if it really matters.
    Maybe color coordinated bananas for your wardrobe ?

  6. This is genius. In the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. (Portland and Seattle, that is) plastic grocery bags are banned. (If you get one, you hoard it). It rains here. A lot. The brown bags will literally melt if they get wet. There is a large population of cyclists here too. We bike in the rain. The solution is to use plastic ponchos, or more commonly known as, the big, black heavy duty plastic garbage bag. Although most serious cyclists have panniers on their bikes, this product would be a great introduction for others. Wil's idea of treating the material is great. As long as it is not toxic. They should bring this to the wetter climates and it will be a hit.

  7. A coating of food grade wax solves the rain problem, as Wil says, plus a little tape over the upper edge.

    Bucky Fuller built geodesic domes out of corrugated paperboard. One of them won the Venice Biennale. I bet you could build a substantial house out of it, using his octet truss as a core design principle. The stuff is useful.