Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kentucky State University President Raymond Burse Takes A Pay Cut And Shares It With Fellow Workers...

It shouldn't really be news should it. But it is.
A Rhodes Scholar who had been president of Kentucky State in the 1980s and then went on to have a successful business career until 2012, Raymond Burse was cajoled out of retirement this year to head the university once again.
His first move was to find out who was making the least money and help them out.
By reducing his own annual salary of $349,869 by more than $90,000, 24 employees got a pay increase that took them from $7.25 an hour
to $10.25 an hour.
It was about the act of doing something that would be meaningful to individuals to whom I was going to demand a lot from, and so that's what it's all about said the man who once worked minimum-wage jobs himself and has never forgotten his roots.
I was once a poor country kid from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I'm just trying to do well in this world by treating people right.
We wish there were more like you Mr Burse...


  1. It's a pity more presidents, prime ministers and top business people don't have the same attitude... The world would be a better place.

  2. What a thoughtful man. If more millionaires did what he has done in a transparent way it would give the workers a feeling of self respect and respect for him, the boss as well.
    It would help redress the gap between rich and poor a little, and with sensetivity.....Bee

  3. This guy reminds me of the current President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, reputed to be "the poorest President in the world" - viz., not interested in using his office for personal enrichment. In private life, he's a flower farmer.

    If some Wall Street execs got this attitude, they might forestall their day of reckoning. But they won't.

    1. Val, Jose Mujica is a beautiful human being
      and one of my most favourite people.
      He is a wonderful example to the world.
      You can look forward to seeing a post on this great humanitarian here in the near future...

  4. Hmm, its a start. He is still taking home some $4800/wk, which is more than 10 times as much as the people he is asking so much of. In a good world the top earners will not earn that much more than the lowest. Do unto others or Love your neighbour as your self, the golden rule is implies valuing others interests, and time, as equal to our own. Not a tenth.