Saturday, October 11, 2014

Charif Souki Gets Paid More To Spend Four Hours At The Office Than The Average US Worker Makes In A Year...

I certainly don't begrudge the CEO of the Texas based Cheniere Energy and the highest earning US executive his US$142 million salary.
He obviously needs it.
And who knows what he gives away,
I don't, so I won't judge him but isn't the amount rather, well, obscene?
Charif and I have never met.
As far as I know he doesn't follow this blog and we've never broken bread together.
Nor have we shared a bottle of red.
But I do feel compelled to send him a copy of my little book, How To Live Well On A Small Income and perhaps he wouldn't need to spend all that time at the office.
The highest paid New Zealand executive is the ANZ Bank's David Hisco who's NZ$4.1 million salary is seen as rather excessive too, even though he's a pauper with a pittance compared with Mr Souki.
And David's salary is one hundred and twenty times more than the bank's lowest paid worker.
All we need is enough
but most don't even have that...


  1. That is way too much money for one man to make. How could he be worth that much. I bet you could make out better giving one million dollars apiece to 142 talented workers.

  2. Agreed. Obscene. Society, people have organised things that create these sort of ridiculous situations. Yes send him a copy and ask him to give 10K instead of $10. Pip

  3. With this level of wealth disparity, the notion that we can have such things as meaningful democracy or equality before the law becomes a bad joke. But I like the idea of you sending him your book. That's a much better one.