Saturday, October 4, 2014

This Beautifully Renovated 1954 Airstream Is A Very Stylish Little Home On Wheels...

Wally Byam who in 1936 introduced the Airstream Clipper to the world and and changed the way North Americans in particular indulged in their leisure pursuits would be delighted
to see how Timeless Time Travellers have renovated this 1954 Airstream.
It's a very professional result and I'm sure many dollars were spent in the refurbishment but someone will be delighted to live or travel in this stylish little home on wheels...


  1. Wow what a beautiful job they have done.

  2. Beautiful. When I was a sixteen years old back in 1959, I took a two months trip with my uncle in his airstream. My uncle was a member of the Wally Byam Caravan Club. I really enjoyed that trip and will always remember it.

  3. Nice job on the upgrade/remodel.

    High marks also for the excellent Photoshop job of the exterior landscapes on the interior windows...