Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Great Flushing Wall Of China...

This is a wonderful example of toilet humour or a massive public urinal. Or both perhaps.
Originally created for the 2009 Fosham Pottery and Porcelain Festival this strange installation by Chinese artist Shu Yong has become a popular piece of public art.
Built from ten thousand recycled toilets and urinals and covering a space one hundred metres by five metres, the sculpture has water spurting from each of the units creating a giant urinal that looks like some sort of surreal waterfall.
Fosham city in  China's Central Guangdong Province is now flush with happy tourists...


  1. Said it before:

    Say it again:

    No one ever accused the Chinese of being masters of good taste.

    1. Mr Tasteful.
      There's a lot of people in China.
      They need a lot of toilets...

  2. I agree with Sharkey! This is a tasteless, tacky, offensive waste of space, water & manpower,

  3. All those ungrateful, resentful dunnies, giving the white-eye. Don't they know how much better this is than being dumped?