Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Very Simple, Very Clever Vegetable Nursery In Vietnam Made From Bamboo And Recycled Soda Bottles...

Bamboo is a simply wonderful natural material that has more uses than you can shake a stick at and recycled soda bottles have become  much more valuable second time around than they were with the stuff they originally packaged.
As part of their commitment to promote green living habits in Vietnam, the 1+1>2 International Architecture Company partnered with the Vietnamese Action In The City to create this wonderful little vegetable nursery, a greenhouse, made from bamboo and over two thousand recycled plastic soda bottles.
There's more to know about the project here.
Apart from its function as a greenhouse, the little structure is a place where local children can learn about their particular ecosystem.
It's an interesting collaboration between the governments of Vietnam and Ireland to better support citizens in the South East Asian country.
And you could even create one yourself...  


  1. Wow, that sure is a great looking green house.

  2. Looks like good design.

    I wonder can you use bamboo to pipe water through? I bet you can.

  3. Yes, Val, you can pump water through bamboo. Have used it in a koi pond as well as moving rain water from collection barrel.

  4. ive come across something like this before, but not so a home garden. Wonderful scheme in Vietnam

  5. Great idea and looks good too. I'll start saving soda bottles.

  6. It's beautiful in both form and function. I love it!

  7. So Zen looking.... my most favorite design ever for recycled soda bottle greenhouse.