Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Flying Tortoise Is Now Freedom Camping At Mahia Peninsula's Oraka On The Famous East Cape...

How time flies when you're having fun and all of a sudden I realised I'd been in the beautiful Hawkes Bay for nearly four months.
It was time to get some flying time and air miles completed before returning to Haumoana and Te Awanga in a few weeks.
And now I'm at a little place called Oraka on the Mahia Peninsula at one end of New Zealand's famous East Cape.
I was up really early yesterday morning to catch the many stages of this stunning sunrise.
The estuary is beckoning me to come kayaking, there's flounder waiting patiently for me to catch them and hopefully there'll be some kite fishing and surfcasting too.
It's a beautiful place, a few baches around for the few local inhabitants, the council keeps the area mown and the freedom campers look after the area too. We know that there will never be any high rises, multimillion dollar mansions or shopping malls within a squillion miles from here and that's better than good.
Wish you were here...


  1. Keith, you are right, I wish I was there on the Mahia Peninsula. Great Place and a stunning sunrise. Reminds me of this: "Life is not measured by the breaths we take,
    but by the moments and places that take our breath away"

  2. Well you must be working for the NZ tourist agency? Wonderful photos....! No other vehicles....! Beautiful!

  3. There is freedom camping and there is freedom camping. That, my friend, is the way to do it.


  4. That is a beautiful place. I was curious as to where it the overall so I went to google maps to look for it.

    It helps me when I can see where in the world it is. Is the internet a great thing or what?

    Thank you for sharing this...

  5. Returning from a fine concert with "CODY" in the town and still with the music in my head I will relaxe and look what is on your blog today. Find the most wonderful photos showing the fantastic Nature. Only the Tortoise tells us about human activity. Wish I was there...

  6. I wish I were there too. But the only way I'm gonna make it is to build this:

    and sail it there.

  7. Ohhh dont ya just love being a kiwi in NZ, look at our wonderful backyard !!

  8. A stunning sunrise and a great place to find to freedom camp. You won't want to leave. Hope the kayaking and fishing happens.

  9. Ancestral home of my father - could anything be more beautiful, thank you.

  10. What a feeling it must be to know such stunning views is safe! Beautiful.

  11. One of the most striking things about The Flying Tortoise is...... that it's not very striking.
    It's not a visual intrusion as so many R.V's are these days with the brilliant white paint adorned with coloured swirls and eye grabbing motifs.
    It just sits there, humbly, allowing the magic of it's surroundings to become our focus, instead of the usual "HEY, LOOK AT ME" of R.V's today.
    So, thank-you Mr.Keith for your quiet wisdom and modesty.
    It's a beautiful thing you do