Friday, March 7, 2014

Take A Look At This Beautiful 1951 Federal Housetruck...

Have a look at this beautiful 1951 Federal Housetruck. It's old enough to qualify for special horseless carriage licence plates. I found it over at Tiny House Listings and you will too.
It's just sitting around waiting for a new owner and for the moment enjoying the lookers and the dreamers going oooh and aaah...


  1. Fabulous. I love this type of housetruck. These and gypsy wagons are the best - I far prefer them over tinyhomes. Loads of style.

  2. So, Eric is selling his truck? I actually am quite familiar with this vehicle, as I was in contact with Eric some time back before my web site went poof.

    Roger Beck (author of Some Turtles Have Nice Shells) is also the owner of another 1951 Federal housetruck, and met Eric through a Federal truck registry. Eric made a trip into Eastern Oregon, and Roger went over the mountains to meet up with him and view the truck.

    By all accounts, it drives like a dream with the new CAT diesel repower. The slide-outs are just that, "Slide outs", they are actuated by man-power, grunting, and levering, no complicated mechanisms to require service. Note the exterior bracing under the slides in some of the photos

    This truck was the subject of a past Home and Garden TV video, which showed some of the construction details and was filmed about the time that the engine swap was taking place. The video is very highly edited, and is so choppy and fast-paced that it's hard to get much of an idea about the truck itself.

    I wouldn't make a big deal about the "horseless carriage" license unless you intend to become a Washington state resident. The truck would need to be titled and registered in the new owner's locality, so check with your local DMV to find out what the applicable laws are.

    $48k? By all accounts, it's nicely built, but it has some "unique" construction details, such as a relocated main steering box that might give some vehicle inspection authorities a bit of a pause.

    I have some additional photos, including (I thought) one of the steering box (somewhat comical and a little scary at the same time).

    Best wishes to the new owner, a little bit of simulated old housetruck history. Few of the original housetrucks are still on the road, so newly built trucks are taking their place.

    1. You're the font or even the fount of all knowledge regarding housetrucks and housebuses in the US my friend, thanks for sharing all that...

    2. who insures this type of rig. i have a 38 ihc. please help. kevin

  3. Looks very very nice, but I bet it is heavy, The overhang on the rear would be likely to "catch me out" ouch!

  4. OK, so this afternoon, I finally got around to moving and reconnecting the HDTV in my spare room, and decided to dig out the "Eric's Housetruck" DVD to test the installation.

    Same as my recollection, so many choppy edits that I felt like I was going to get vertigo. Is that what entertains people nowadays?

    Anyhow, I dug around some more on my old forum and found a link to a youtube video that was apparently the 5-minute HGTV episode:

    Someone else with a broadband connection and flash installed will have to check and see if the video is the correct one and still plays, I don't "do" videos on the internet.

    1. Thanks Mr Snappily Dunn, it's all there, it works and yes, it's as manic as you mentioned...

  5. Yes it is for sale. Thanks Mr Sharkey for your history. I will be posting it on and this next week.

    If anyone is interested you can contact me at

    Eric Nason