Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's Decribed As Neo-Primitive, Small, Simple, Funky And Attention Seeking...

This structure, call it what you will is described as neo-primitive, small, simple, funky and unashamedly attention seeking.
It's also called The Mobiation Project and since August 2012, the world's first Mobiators, yes the world's first Mobiators, Geert, a carpenter, welder, designer and tattoo artist and his vegan cooking, artist, writer and eco-architect collaborator Calanne Moroney been living and playing in the Mobi 01.
It's a mobile, off-grid open home experimental space that's been moving around Amsterdam playing a social role and providing an alternative place where new ideas on living are constantly being discussed and challenged.
Mobi 01 folds somehow to become a twenty foot container and hey presto or something similar, it's in transport mode.
There's more about this fun and funky project here and here.
Urban nomads spreading the word...


  1. Great idea - I like urban nomads - but what an eyesore - I like it best as a container shape. I'd hate to live in it!

  2. No wonder I'm exhausted some of the time, they have taken all the energy for that project! It doesn't work for me, but good for them.

  3. I agree with pb: Looks much like a land fill with no redeeming uniqueness. Ugly & messy---no sense of peacefulness in that hodge-podge.

  4. inspiring: it is possible to make something like that without the uglines