Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sorry Ladies. If You Live In Russia, Belarus Or Kazakhstan, You Can't Buy Lacy Knickers Any More...

Sorry ladies but the people who know best in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have decided that you won't be able to buy sexy lingerie in any store after July 1 this year.
For health reasons.
A simple right and freedom of choice that you have exercised anytime you wished is now to be denied by this draconian new law.
Lingerie outlets are about to bin up to ninety percent of their underwear stock under this trade ban which prohibits the import, production or sale of synthetic lace underwear.
The ban outlaws any underwear containing less than six percent cotton and most sexy lingerie is made with a cotton content of less than four.
Thirty women were arrested recently, yes arrested like criminals for having the audacity to protest against the absurdity of the new law, some wearing knickers on their heads.
These women were simply demanding the right to choose the type of underwear they put on every day.
A right you should be able to take for granted.
Funny isn't it, as in the rest of the world on virtually any issue you might like to think about, the people who make the rules are never constrained or affected by them!
I'm sure Mrs Putin will wear whatever lacy lingerie she likes.
With Mr Putin's approval of course...


  1. What is wrong with the Russian government. Lacy underwear uses less material and upgrades the beauty of the area. . . I mean the Russian area, of course.

  2. Uncle Vlad doesn't like gays. Now is he trying to outlaw heterosexuality too?

    I think an army of Ukrainian drag queens should stage a protest at St. Cyril's in Moscow while wearing lingerie and nothing but. They should put on a lingerie Easter pageant, upstaging the official one.

    Failing that, I guess it'll have to be the black market. Prices are sure to skyrocket.

    1. Whatever it is that people are doing or have been doing, they just need to know that it is now illegal...

  3. I'll have to remember a suitcase full of sexy underwear next time I go to distribute to the locals

  4. Personally, I'd demand the right to choose the type of underwear they take off...

  5. And the guys standing around taking pictures are KGB. Remember Putin was head of KGB now President.
    Just like Bush head of CIA he became President too.