Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Crazy Swing At La Casa del Arbol In Ecuador Is For Adrenaline Junkies Only...

To get to the Crazy Swing at this tiny tree house called La Casa del Arbol, you'll first need to get to Bellavista from Banos de Agua Santa in Ecuador. But that's easy.
When you get there, not only will you find this little tree house is also a seismic monitoring station but you'll probably find yourself in the good company of other adrenaline junkies.
You might notice as you swing 8,550 feet above terra firma some stunning views of the Tungurahau Volcano. Then again you mightn't.
You may very well have your heart in your mouth and your eyes very firmly shut.
This trip on your common old playground swing hanging from the branch of a tree has no safety features whatsoever.
But if it did, it wouldn't be fun... 


  1. Yipee, I'm getting an adrenaline high sitting here at home in my recliner knowing that I don't even have to consider going on that swing.

  2. Now that is what I call a SWING. The view is incredible.

  3. "Each life is lived on a swing, above an abyss, and much of life is wasted pretending it isn't so."

  4. Well ive heard of seeing the world by your feet , but that's seeing it with your bottom

  5. Yes pretty awesome