Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ninety Nine Year Old Dobri Dobrev Goes Begging Each Day Then Gives The Money To The Poor And The Needy...

Called by many The Saint From Village Baylovo, ninety nine year old pensioner Dobri Dobrev once walked the fifteen miles but now travels by bus from his home to Bulgaria's capital Sofia to beg for money. Which he then gives away.
Dobri is a generous man and begs not to supplement his pension of less than 1.5 euros a day but to give money to the poor and the needy.
There's more about him here.
I don't know just how poor and needy the Saint Alexander Novsky Cathedral was but he once gave it over forty thousand euros.
For whatever reasons you do this Dobri, thankyou...


  1. It's a very pleasing interview, (here) but it stops being translated at the sixth of seven minutes. He's an alert and lively speaker.

  2. Amen brother you are alive.While alive people are walking dead.

  3. We are so used to hearing bad news every day that it's refreshing to hear some good news finally. Here is a man who can say he used his life to bring about positive change. Hope he lives to be 200 with good health. We need more people like Dobri.

  4. Want a wonderful generous man. A beautiful soul. Pip.