Friday, February 28, 2014

Dinner At The Hotel Splendid...

The Hotel Splendid is not your usual five star resort hotel with an international chef and a pool to soak up the sun by.
No, the Hotel Splendid is much superior to that.
It started life as a double decker bus plying its trade on the streets of  England's Nottingham until. Until Entrepreneur Les and the Very Gorgeous Dee purchased it sight unseen and had it shipped to New Zealand.
And now almost hidden from view in the little bohemian village of Haumoana in the Hawkes Bay it awaits a complete restoration but enjoys hosting the few guests that grace its unique and eclectic style.
Wonderful and amusing dinner guests included a man who's made a career out of making sure the correct number of lengths of spaghetti get put in a can, a woman who while wearing a red rose in her hair, sings Verdi's Requiem and drives a train through the Swiss Alps and another, a woman with a feverish fetish for wearing kitch footwear.
And the food? I'm glad you asked.
All five courses were just splendid...


  1. I would love to live on board a bus like that. Les especially looks very relaxed and happy.

  2. Lovely blog today - Thanks Hotel Splendid

  3. This double decker and the folks having fun in it are splendider than splendid. They should seriously reconsider calling this bus Hotel Splendidest. Can I make a reservation?

  4. How quaint! Eating a hot dog in those cozy quarters would be a memorable event! Long live the visionaries!

  5. We still have those buses in service in the New Forest GB I drove one only yesterday!

  6. Hi keith
    We are back in nz.the splendid is splendider.currently split between nz png and bali.onn fery now looking at 60 acres in come for dinner again.