Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Celebration. The Hermitage Meets The Flying Tortoise...

Many of you will already know
and follow one of the world's most gorgeous blogs, The Hermitage.
The author, Rima Staines is an extraordinary artist, a writer with the most wonderful way with words, a musician and a beautiful woman.
She's been back in Aotearoa New Zealand for a few weeks revisiting the land of her mother and her mother's mother with her lovely man and partner Tom, a fellow dreamer, storyteller, poet, musician and acupuncturist.
Rima and I've been following each other's blogs for sometime and we both featured in Lloyd Kahn's bestselling Tiny Homes book.
It's not often that two bloggers from opposite sides of the world meet up and it was more than a total delight to enjoy some quality time together at Te Awanga in The Hawkes Bay. Sharing the important things in life before Rima and Tom flew out to Fiji prior to heading home to Devon and their latest project on wheels. Converting their Army issue RL Bedford into an enchanting home that moves.
Wheels have turned in Rima's life since she can remember. As she says, 'the characters in my paintings are wheeled, their houses are wheeled, my stories are wheeled.
Handcarts and wagons and caravans have always caught my eyes in that beautiful way a well loved colour or a certain kind of face stands out in a crowd.
Wheels call to me even louder if they have a door, a window or a chimney atop them.
Something about the combination of vehicle and house sets my blood thrilling.
Traveling, I have gradually realised over the years, and more specifically, living in a house that moves, is a fundamental part
of the person I am.
It's what makes my heart sing the highest and my feet feel the rightest'.
Rima and Tom. I wish you the bestest... 


  1. Good blog Keith and a momentous occasion - wonderful how the internet enables so much...

  2. Happy people. And what a fine way using army equipment. An idea to the army?

  3. There are definitely fabulous people in this world. Keep on meeting them Keith and letting us know about them. Brando is coming to castle point and if it coincides with the weekend I will take the van over to meet and walk with him. Pip

  4. Such a nice post...the good feeling transferred and lingering.

  5. Thank you for posting this, I am hooked; a follower and I have joined!

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    1. You raise a very interesting and perplexing thought Samson. A RussianTortoise is virtually an oxymoron, A contradiction in terms.
      I personally have never seen a tortoise russian to get anywhere and certainly The Flying Tortoise has never been known to ever be in a rush or a hurry.
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