Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Made The Traditional Little White Spanish Town Of Juzcar Paint Itself Blue...

Juzcar is a small Spanish town
in the province of Andalusia.
Up until 2011 it was a traditional little town with whitewashed buildings.
And everybody was very happy.
Then along came Sony Pictures.
They decided the little town of Juzcar would make an ideal setting for the premiere of their latest movie. "The Smurfs 3D".
As part of the campaign to promote the movie, Sony wanted to paint the whole town blue.
So a team of painters painted everything that didn't move and on July 23 2011 the new Smurf town hosted the special premiere
with great fanfare.
When the promotion was over the same painters returned to Juzcar to repaint the town white.
But the townsfolk saw red.
They'd discovered that the colour blue was gold.
When the town was the traditional white, they'd had perhaps three hundred visitors a year but now the town was the colour of gold, they were getting around eighty thousand tourists a year.
And that kept everybody in the black.
And that's why all the other little towns in the area are green. With envy...


  1. Blue is my favorite color, but that is taking it a bit too far.

  2. Funny how nothing quite like this ever happens in Perrault's Fairy Tales, even though those are typically set in storybook villages much like this one. Maybe Smurfs are the new Little People, bringing benison to those who are true blue.

    This has me wondering if I can fake it. If I paint myself blue, will my income skyrocket 250-fold, as in this case? The ancient Britons used to do it, but I never heard it put them ahead that far; at least the Romans never said it did.

  3. Always remember the secret mission of the Smurfs:

    To acclimatize everyone to seeing blue people so that no one freaks out when Krishna returns!

  4. like my much loved city of Chefchauen (Chauen) in Morocco has been painted for ages. It's exhilarating, the feeling of freshness, like walking on air - many alleys get a yearly coat too:


  5. Good on the locals going for something different.
    If I lived their and was allowed I'd paint my house another striking colour thereby getting people taking more photo's of the contrast and open a shop selling evertything that colour....probably bright red!