Thursday, March 13, 2014

Otter Eats Alligator. Alligator Eats Croc...

Eating crocs and alligators seem to be
the latest food fad at the moment.
This otter, cute little otter, was photographed attacking an alligator at Lake Woodruff National Park in Florida recently.
Then, because it preferred to eat in private,
Mr Otter dragged Mr Alligator off to the Marsh Restaurant for a nice intimate dining experience. I'm not sure what wine was served or what or who was on the menu for dessert.
And then there's the alligator who ate the croc...


  1. Dang, I got crocks on my feet right now. Maybe I better change into my cowboy boots. I wouldn't want an alligator trying to eat my crocks while I am wearing them.

  2. That wouldn't be alligator skin Western footwear, would it? If so, your boots might be mistaken for a reptilian paramour.

  3. Go otter! Git 'em!

    May all beings have peace. Bon apetit.

  4. Crocks are so uncomfortable for me to wear...and I can never get rid of the pickle smell.