Monday, March 17, 2014

Twin Share Can Be Great But This Is Something Else...

Many of us have experienced a twin share but perhaps not like this.
Twin Australian sisters, twenty eight year old's Anna and Lucy DeCinque have spent more than A$200,000 to look identical. They do.
And share a job, a facebook account, a bed
and a boyfriend.
And they live at home in Perth with their mum.
Lucy and Anna have had breast implants.
I would never have guessed. Lip enhancements. Really? And tattooed eyebrows. Wow!
The beauty school dropouts share a job serving meals to the elderly. I'm elderly. And their earnings go to pay for their beauty obsession, mini skirts and matching stilettos.
Sitting on the couch pondering the meaning of life, their dad sighs, where did I go wrong...


  1. Why do women think they are pretty when they look so artificial?

  2. First the human Barbie doll, and now this? It's a little scary. Back in the 70s there was a soul along about plastic people, and how they're not to be trusted. Now it seems everyone wants to be a plastic fantastic lover.

  3. Natural beauty, with no makeup is so much more powerfull, best of all......inner beauty!

  4. I believe Those two Young Ladies are pretty smart. What they have done with their bodies and faces needs maintenance and repair. I'm sure they know! So when the one LucyAnna is away for that buisness, the other one is at home to care for the boyfriend.

  5. Ah.... Uh,,,, I.... Errrrrrrrrr

    About the only word that comes to mind is.....

    TWINCEST !!!!!!

  6. Twin Peaks . all artificial. Eyes wide shut.Fake lips fake smiles.Ugly.

  7. This is incredibly sad......

  8. They don't look that much alike, I've had lots of twin friends and there are subtle little differences if you look at these two fools. Good God. I could have bought a new house for what they've spent on their selfish obsessession!

  9. Omg. Hope I never meet them. I'd be sick. Pip

  10. Whatever 10/10 would bang. Repeatedly.