Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Calvin's Been Playing On The Beaches Of Hawaii And Creating His Fantastic Geometric Sandcastles Again...

You may remember Calvin Seibert and his amazing sandcastles featured here a couple of years ago.
The New York based artist has just returned from playing on the beaches of Hawaii where he made more of his fantastic sandcastles.
You can see more here.
Using his hands and a plastic tool, Calvin carefully forms the sand, sometimes taking hours or even days, into sculptures that last for mere moments of time before nature and the tides of time reclaim the grains...


  1. Those are impressive, futuristic and organic at the same time.

  2. Some of them look like Paolo Soleri's arcologies. Those r my faves.

  3. Wouldn't it be lovely if someone actually either created homes, villages or lasting street art from these.

  4. "...carefully forms the sand, sometimes taking ... days "

    Perhaps my lack of complete understanding of tidal phenomena is misleading me, but is there actually anywhere on the planet where the tide doesn't roll in approximately every twelve hours?

    1. Sometimes Mr Smarteypants he creates his sandcastles above the high water mark and as you know, with your knowledge of things scientific, tide sizes vary...

  5. They are amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Pip