Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome To The New Year...

Welcome to 2013.
I'm at perhaps my favouritist place on this planet. Freedom Camping at the beautiful Tokerau Beach in New Zealand's Far North.
The sun is shining. The fish are biting.
What more could any man want.
All I need is enough and enough is what I have.
Happy New Year.
I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you all...
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  1. Happy New Years to you too! Thanks for the preview. Excellent location to welcome the new year.

  2. You have a great 2013, which I know you will do. Keep up your wonderful blog.

  3. I thought I posted a comment, but must have hit the wrong button. It is nice that you get to preview them before they get to us. I gather from your post that 2013 got here without a hitch.

  4. Looks amazing! Happy 2013 to you! Big hugs, V x

  5. We love Tokerau Beach too. This day, we are in Tasmania. Beautiful and cool.

  6. Best wishes in the New Year from the chilly Northern Hemisphere!

    Wish I was sitting on an empty beach in NZ!


  7. Keep on trucking Old Fellow, hope there are many more miles on the clock for you, the Tortoise and your site.

  8. Best wishes for 2013 from the other side of the world. Love your blog and come over from time to time for a break :-)