Friday, January 4, 2013

Freedom Camping In New Zealand Doesn't Get Much Better Than This...

This is the view I'm lucky to wake up to.
This is where, just a few minutes ago,
I had breakfast sitting in the sun.
At the risk of repeating myself,
this is the beautiful Tokerau Beach
at Doubtless Bay in New Zealand's Far North.
This is where I've been for a little while and where I'll be a little longer.
All's well with this little bit of the world.
No fiscal cliffs, just a few gentle sand dunes...
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  1. Your posts often generate envy in me, but soon hopefully, I will have my own personal paradise of a similar nature down the East Coast so thank you for keeping me inspired.

  2. Yes it's a beautiful place for breakfast... And lunch... And dinner...

  3. New Zealand must be a beautiful place. That beach scene is spectacular. Yes, I am envious for sure. It is extra cold here. Below normal.

  4. looks like you have some of the best the world has to offer....enjoy!!

  5. One of my favourite trees. They are so uplifting in their design and form with everything about them reaching from the Earth upwards. Lovely view. Greetings from Blenheim.