Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's The Twike And It's Twiffic...

The German manufactured Twike has been part of the twaffic scene in Europe for a lot of years after the then human powered and now human-electric hybrid vehicle made its debut at Canada's 1986 Vancouver World Expo.
This twiffic little two seater is capable of 55mph or 85kph and between 90 and 240 kilometers, 30-150 miles, depending on the size of the chosen battery pack, the terrain, size and weight of the pilot and passenger and the pilot's driving style.
The one thousandth Twike has just rolled off the assembly line much to the delight of the dedicated following, mainly in Switzerland and Germany but also in the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and the US.
If you want more twiffic information on life in the twike lane, you can have a browse here.
Twy not to look at the pwice tag...

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  1. I made the mistake of looking at the price tag.

    At 10% of the list price, I might consider one.

  2. my wish fullfilled - if it just didn't have that duckbill front (I haven't seen the price yet)

    1. a quite proud price, not a bargain.
      I found this:
      Special offer
      Original price vehicle: € 26.869
      Original price batteries: € 17.395
      Original total: € 44.264

      6 months pre-owned vehicle
      Offer only vehicle € 25.898
      Offer for batteries € 16.212
      Total TW + batteries € 41.610

    2. Hello,

      TWIKEs start at 22.000 Euro in the basic version including two battery packs. For more informaton please drop a mail to the company itself.

      And if you want to try it out once during your vacation have a look at

  3. Great if everyone else is the same size as you. In the US I wonder how many people would just "fail to see it."
    I do think it is a good idea though.