Sunday, January 6, 2013

These Wonderful Old Housetrucks Can Only Dream About The Road Less Travelled...

It's been a while since these old
New Zealand housetrucks travelled on any road and even longer since they took to the road less travelled.
They've all seen better days but it's doubtful if we'll see better ones than they did.
We can all look at these homes on wheels and dream of what might have been.
And wished we'd been there...

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  1. In about another 50 to 100 years someone will come across the Fllying Tortoise and post pictures of that "old" housetruck. (grin)

  2. I couldn't agree more with your post - sad to see those grand old house trucks like that but like ourselves we all have our moment in the sun.
    As Dizzy said one day the Flying Tortoise will retire gracefully too.

  3. These are perfect housetrucks for the post petroleum age.

  4. Beautiful photos. And kind of a bit sad too...