Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Beautifully Decorated Mud Houses Of Tiebele Village in West Africa...

The Kassena people, living in the little circular village of Tiebele in West Africa's Burkino Faso build their little homes entirely of local materials, wood, earth, rocks and straw.
They are well known for their traditional Gourounsi architecture and the elaborately decorated walls of their homes, turning each dwelling into a piece of livable art.
Burkino Faso is possibly the poorest country in the world but its people are just so culturally rich and decorating their houses in this manner is part of their wonderful cultural legacy.
The beautiful artwork is done by the women and when completed the surface is coated with a natural varnish made from boiling pods of Nere, the African locust bean tree.
It's really worth clicking on here and finding out more about this beautiful culture...

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  1. These are beautiful and as an indigenous woman (Maori) I can understand and appreciate these living cultural expressions that identify and confirm the value and health of our cultures.

  2. How beautiful... And culturally rich. They may have little but abound in artistic wealth.

  3. thank you flying tortoise! excellent.