Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Very Gorgeous Tiny Boat Roofed Shed In Wales...

I was visiting Kent Griswold over at Tiny House Blog, another wonderful site dedicated to living simply in small spaces, and I found this simply gorgeous little shed that has as its roof a fourteen foot long by seven foot wide clinker boat that had seen better days.
Built around 1905, the old clinker has been placed on a frame of four telegraph poles and located 750 feet above sea level near the village of Cemmaes Road near the market town of Machynlleth in mid Wales in the UK.
The magical little shed-dwellers delight has beautiful views of mountains across the valley.
A solar panel feeds a 12 volt battery providing power for a refrigerator, a sound system and a few LED lights. There's a gas hob for cooking.
The shed is made from recycled materials, the windows from a 400 year old house and an old caravan. Corregated iron, wattle and daub, which is a mixture of woven wattle, mud, clay and straw and then covered with liberal coatings of thick bitumen paint.
I do like the way the inside of the boat has been left untouched and will you look at the old French enamelled wood stove from the early 1900's.
There's more to read here and lots of wonderful images here.
Take a look, it's simply gorgeous...

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  1. This is definitely a "man" thing I might enthuse a little bit more about it if there were some chintz curtains and a few strategically placed flower arrangments plants giving it that "woman" touch - but I can see its attraction *smiles*