Sunday, January 20, 2013

Antony Gibbon's Lord Of The Rings Treetop Dwellings...

Looking like some treetop dwellings for the Elves of Lothlorien in JR Tolkiens Lord Of The Rings, Antony Gibbon's Roost Treehouses are designed to copy the curvaceous and organic forms found in Nature.
The intention was to create a treehouse using materials from sustainable sources that blended in and almost became part of the tree, being camouflaged by the surrounding foliage.
Each treehouse is harnessed to the treetrunk using a bracing technique that causes no damage to the tree or inhibits its growth
in any way.
One central spiral staircase leads to the treetop platform and each Roost sleeps two regular size people my precious...

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  1. We loves it, we wants it, we needs it :) Truly a magical nest that I would love to feather.

  2. Not too good for sleepwalkers or anyone with acrophobia...however, it may allow one to experience what it might be like to be a bird.*smiles*

  3. How amazingly creative... And a wonderful place to sleep in the treetops.

  4. These are the most gorgeous treehouses I have ever seen - like a wasp's nest.