Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anne And Bob. Gypsies Slowly And Simply Travelling The World...

Leaving their home base at Mackay
in the Land of Oz, Anne and Bob spent most of 2010 on the coast of Africa, then through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, England and much of Europe.
In late 2011 the Grey Nomads arrived in New Zealand where they've been touring and freedom camping down under and catching up with friends and relatives.
Their solar panels keep their simple system electrical charged up and their 12 volt, and sensible, top-loading fridge working well.
They don't use gas for cooking, preferring instead a Coleman 424 stove which uses unleaded petrol that's so much cheaper than gas and readily available anywhere in the world.
In a few weeks the World Travellers will pack up their little home on wheels and after cleaning it from top to bottom literally with a toothbrush to get through the strict health regulations and the inevitable customs procedures, they'll seal it into a container, pop it on a ship and send it back to Australia.
There they'll work and replenish their travel funds before heading off to the Americas for more adventures...

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  1. I love to see people doing stuff like this. I too use a stove that can burn petro, a whisper lite International. That way I can use my outboard fuel to cook with -or my cooking fuel to run the outboard.

  2. What a fabulous way to spend life.
    I am very interested in their self sufficiency. I have been looking at top opening fridges and agree they are much more efficient. I have a front opening fridge that uses far too much LPG. Every time I open it all the cold air falls out. When I replace it I will be getting a top opening fridge.
    I also like their Coleman cooker, slightly less convenient but so ecoonomical to run.

    1. Hi Licorice,
      Try visiting this link for an idea that may help you with your refrigerator problem. Click here

    2. A wonderfully simple idea Messtime and one I remember well from going to the chiller room at the supermarket.
      I'll do a post about it, thankyou...