Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Flying Tortoise. Freedom Camping At Ahipara on New Zealand's Ninety Mile Beach...

The Flying Tortoise landed here yesterday.
Time isn't the only thing that flies when you're having fun.
The current easterly wind means an offshore wind on this western side of the top of New Zealand and so I've come to the beautiful little settlement of Ahipara for a couple of days.
Tomorrow it's further up the famous Ninety Mile Beach to Utea for some serious long line fishing.
But more about Ahipara.
The land was renowned as an area for the collection of Kauri Gum from the once numerous Kauri forests that covered the area.
And the name Ahipara means Sacred Fire or Ancient Fire.
Ahi means fire and parapara, a place where certain rites were performed.
And they were. You can brush up on some local history here...

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  1. I really like it up there, especially the drive through the mountains into kaitaia

  2. No matter where in the world one may travel New Zealand can not be beaten for beautiful, natural scenery...I do not care what anyone says...this is paradise on earth bar none!!

  3. Nice shots, looks vey pleasant up there near the sea. Hope the fish answer when you send them a line.

  4. wow best of luck with the fishing.Yum fresh fish in tinfoil on your fire,life couldnt get any better