Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Beautiful Tiny Gypsy Housetruck Ready For Some Big New Adventures...

I found this delightful little 50 square foot, Romany inspired housetruck over at Tiny House Listings.
Built on the back of a 1975 vintage Dodge truck, it's been carefully and lovingly crafted with much attention to detail and advice from a UK based Romany restoration artist, this tiny house on wheels will be someone's next big adventure...

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  1. Is it a slide in or is it permantly attached?

    1. I'm not sure DD.
      You'd have to click on the link and ask the question of the owner...

  2. That is a really cool Housetruck,hours of worrkmanship have gone into that.

  3. Oh! I am so bad!!! I promised Debra two weeks ago that I'd put up a blog post announcing the offering of her gypsy camper Marvell, but I got busy and forgot!

    This vehicle is the very same that is featured on page 139 of Roger Beck's book Some Turtles Have Nice Shells, and also has a single photo on my site in the "Miscellaneous Trucks" page.

    Debra is reluctantly selling this wonderful vehicle due to a family emergency. She has put a lot of work into it over the years, upgrading and refining the camper and doing a lot of maintenance to the truck. I'm sure that any buyer would be thrilled with the truck, and at this price, it's too good to pass up!