Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why Would An Eighty Five Year Old Man Want To Cross The Atlantic In A Garden Shed On A Raft Made From Plastic Pipes...

Why would an eighty five year old want
to cross the Atlantic in a garden shed balanced on a raft made of plastic pipes with a wooden
telegraph pole as a mast.
Because it was on his bucket list. Because he hadn't done it before and because it was there to be done. What a silly question.
Anthony Smith collected three other pensioners, all of whom were dreamers and do'ers and after much preparations took off at around two knots. Two months later and seven hundred miles off course he took stock of the situation and with a new crew completed the voyage with a twenty three day leg a year later. There's more about the man and his dream here.
It's hoped the remarkable Anthony Smith
ticked off all the items on his bucket list.
He died aged eighty eight last year.
If you can dream it, you can do it...


  1. I am only in my 70's and sitting here in my rocking chair. . . Dang, I better get up ad do something exciting. . . On the other hand, maybe I will sit here and think about it for awhile and then look up the options on the Internet and then. . . .

  2. Anthony Smith, what a man! I have Googled him for more info about the amazing journey in his Antikt raft.
    I will go to the local Library and get some of his books out, including his ground breaking Balloon flight over the Alps. Jennybee