Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Spectacular Australian Camel Train. Don't Miss It...

The Spectacular Aussie Camel Train at Broome's Cable Beach  is evidently included on the list of One Hundred Things To Do before the inevitable happens. The ideal time to take the train is at sunset when the tide from the Indian Ocean is out. There's more here.
Put it on your bucket list and before you kick it, go for a camel train ride.
See you at the station...


  1. What stunning photos....... What is earth and what is sky? I've never wanted to ride a camel - but in that beauty it's tempting.

  2. Have you ever been on a camel Keith?
    I have, a couple of times. Enough said.
    I love the pics, and have Broome on my bucket list.
    Maybe to be there and see the astounding effect of the sun on sky and sea strand and the camel train crossing it would be wonderful to behold.
    I would leave the camel riding to others, and just take the photos.......Jennybee..

  3. Camel riding in Australia is no doubt as wonderful as it is in Tunisia which I have been lucky enough to experience. Camels have the most beautiful eyes and gentle dispositions that give inexperienced riders a sense of security.