Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Little Pixie Cabin Might Just Be The Cutest Thing You Ever See On Two Wheels...

This little Pixie Cabin might just
be the cutest thing you ever see on two wheels.
It's featured on Tiny House Swoon .
Built in Surrey in the UK, mainly from leftover bits of timber, discarded pallets, broken boxes, logs, trees and old tools, it is in a word, simply gorgeous. Ok that's two words...


  1. absolutely brilliant One thing I`d move though ,that extremely large axe ,hanging over the door ! Handy to ward off intruders though !

    1. I don't think it's going to be got down from there in a hurry...

  2. I love that idea of the saw handle being used as a hand hold.

  3. Very cute. Where's the bed I wonder. Can't have a tiny house without a bed!

  4. Not my fave - a trifle disturbing. It looks like the cottage Hansel & Gretel didn't make it back from.