Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CEO Dan Price Cuts His One Million Dollar Salary To Seventy Thousand Dollars To Ensure His Workers Will Earn The Same...

The cynical will say it's a public relations gesture to get Dan Price's company good press.
But hey, here's a young man who mightn't look like your average CEO who is prepared to do what your average CEO wouldn't even consider.
Dan Price has had the growing income inequality issue on his mind for some time and he's decided to do something about it.
To put his money where his mouth is.
This Dan fellow who drives a twelve year old Audi is the founder and CEO of the Seattle based company Gravity Payments.
He has a staff of 120 who have an average salary of forty eight thousand. Dan's move will double 30 workers salary and within thirtysix months will raise the base salary to seventy thousand dollars.
The average salary for a CEO in the US is
on average, three hundred and fifty times more than their workers.
Dan wants to address the balance.
He wants to invest in his people.
Good on you Dan. I like the talk you're walking...


  1. Good on Dan.
    The amounts of money in question are irrellevant. The ratio is the important thing.
    Every worker has his pride, and I'm sure his move will raise the standard of work in his firm, as each employee feels they are relevant and appreciated.

  2. One young man who has not been corrupted by the temptations of power and wealth. May he remain incorruptible.......