Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Texting James Bond In Skyfall Cost Sony Five Million Dollars...

Playing James Bond has been a lucrative venture for Daniel Craig.
He's pocketed thirty one million dollars to star in the two latest 007 movies but when he played Bond in Skyfall, the most financially successful  Bond movie ever, Sony paid him five million for just holding their Xperia mobile
while he received a text.
The text said EWA Flight 226 9pm.
Just imagine what it might of cost to use the phone to talk with.
And before you get on the phone to remind someone of the world's starving millions.
They won't listen, they won't return your call.
This is business art...


  1. Whatever it's called I think "It sucks"...Jennybee

  2. It wasn't even that great a Bond movie . . .

  3. And they shot up the Bond car. Bad karma.

  4. I didn't see it and am not planning on seeing it.

  5. Never even knew there was such a movie. The Bond franchise seems a bit past its beefcake prime. It isn't even prosciutto at this point; it's more like the shark meat that Icelanders rot for a year before eating.

    If you buy the phone, his part of Sony's ad budget figures into the price you pay. It's a kind of tax you pay to support the Very Wealthy Actors Guild. Isn't that exciting?

    I think the remainder of this century will likely see the breakdown of late-phase capitalism and its replacement by something else. I don't know what that will be, but it'll have to work very hard to be more uninspiring than what we have now.