Monday, April 13, 2015

Irish Folk, Jazz, Ballads, Blues And Rock 'n Roll In The Sun With Raillery At Uretiti...

Life is great and sometimes my cup overfloweth.
I never know who my neighbours at the Uretiti Campground are going to be.
Lately it's been a movable feast of fascinating people and I woke the other morning to find a wonderful musical group called Raillery, which means 'good natured banter' parked next to me.
Check out their CD, Valley Of The Moon here.
It didn't take long before John and Tom on guitars, Ming on violin and Etha's fine voice were delighting the other campers with fine folk, jazz, blues, ballads rock 'n roll and infectious banter.
And yes I had a great time making music
in the sun with them too...


  1. Folk songs and Jam in the sun! Couldn't be better.
    Uretiti here we come......Jennybee

  2. Sorry I missed that. A great serendipitous interlude.