Friday, April 17, 2015

If Four Year Old Jessica Comes To Visit, Don't Let Her Eat Your Furniture Or Your Carpet...

Gorgeous little Jessica Knight has
a very strange food fetish.
She has a rare condition called Pica which causes her to want to eat things like carpet underlay and furniture stuffing.
There's more about the problems she and her parents have trouble swallowing here and here.
When she comes to visiting others for a meal,
it puts a whole new meaning on 'guess who's coming for dinner'. Little Jessica likes nothing better than a bit of sand and the odd rock as an entree prior to the main course and her mother fills a little purse with sponge rubber so she can snack away to her heart's content.
She's literally eating her parents out of house and home and things aren't going to get any better until she's six when doctors will then
be able to treat her.
Until then the furniture's a movable feast.
Will you be having a glass of milk
with that chair Jessica...

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  1. That is a whole new take on the saying that he would eat anything set in front of him.