Thursday, April 16, 2015

White Cop. Black Man. Bang Bang. Three Hundred Dead...

When White Cop Michael Slager shot
and killed yet another Black Man, this time Walter Lamar Scott, Mr Lamar became the three hundredth person to be shot and killed by US law enforcement officers this year. Yes this year. Since January One.
It's now April. Are they going for some sort of world record, trying to see how many people they can kill before December 31.
Britain's police have shot and killed fifty two people since 1920...


  1. Hey, ain't this the wild, wild west?

    1. Unfortunatelt, you excluded, far too many United States citizens are trigger happy. If the gun laws weren't so lax the Police might be a bit more careful before pulling their triggers.
      As it isI'm afraid the overwhelming percentage of the United states citizens approve of the gun laws, and so endorse the shooting of anybody who gets up their nose for any ostensible reason.
      The running down of a black man on the highway yesterday was so blatant and horrendous. And the cop's boss got away with saying he approved, although it wasn't the usual way to deal with such cases.
      That man carried a gun, no more, and I think about 90% of AU.S citizens do.
      I am really put off visiting America because of the trigger happy nature of the citizenry......Jennybee

  2. The US can keep their Wild West thank you very much.
    I will choose South America and Cuba for my next holiday.
    I am booked for my next holiday in the UK and Europe.
    South America and Cuba are on my bucket list.
    The US of A is not!.....The White cops have totally given me a really sick feeling about the place, for all it's magnificent scenery.....I'll go elsewhere....Jennybee

    1. Well. I am going to the USof A and looking forward to it. Lucky for me I'm not black and won't be carrying a gun. What's the population? You can't damn everything about a country because of certain things that happen.

  3. It's escalating. From 2001 to 2011, American police shot to death a total of approximately 5,000 people. The present statistic puts the kill rate at around twice that. In addition, all kinds of amateur violence by citizens - mall tasings, random shootings, baseball bat assaults and what have you - have lately become an almost daily occurrence. I expect the rate of lethal violence is probably growing exponentially, and will likely continue to do so.

    I'd like to vacation in Europe or South America too. Maybe I could arrange to vacation there indefinitely.

  4. What a sad post to read. I won't defend the killings by the policemen. Just say that in my eyes the police is the face of a sick misanthropically country where all abitants by birth are given the right to be murderers - in the name of self-defence. Especially if your skin is white.

  5. I've watched this country go steadily in the shitter for 65 years. Keep commenting and criticizing the U.S. We like to think we have the best of everything but it is a good thing for us to be shamed once in a while to help us see our faults. Cops should be supervised, reviewed and judged by community representatives, not other cops. It' like leaving the foxes in charge of the hen house.