Sunday, April 26, 2015

The New Tiny Nation Of Liberland Is Looking For A Population...

If you're fed up with the country you're living in and feel the need to live in a new, tiny, seven square kilometer, liberty loving country situated on the banks of the Danube between Serbia and Croatia, then get in quick and apply for citizenship of Liberland.
It's the new kid on the block. A new sovereign state situated in the Balkans on an unclaimed piece of no-man's land and it's just declared itself to be a new country.
And it's looking for a population.
Their new flag isn't anything to rave about but the country's motto is Live And Let Live so we'll let the piece of bad design fly without any criticism. The objective of the new state is to build a country where people can prosper without being oppressed by government and it's strict regulations.
Perhaps Mr Vit Jedlicka, the self appointed President of Liberland and politician from the Czech Republic should have got a slightly bigger piece of land. Twenty thousand liberty hungry wanna-be citizens have already applied but the country can only accommodate five thousand.
The only answer may be to grab a piece of land somewhere and create your own country...


  1. Or kiss the Earth with your feet and keep moving. Live the nomadic life style. We are all visitors on the planet - we can't own land even to create a country. Another country - more potential for conflict.....

  2. Interesting, I wonder if I could proclaim my 12 acres a new country? I want to be king (grin).

    1. Of course you can and we'll call you King Dick or King Richard. Your lady wife will design and make you a flag. Let us see the flag, run it up the flagpole so we can salute it. And do let us know the name of your country...

  3. I like their flag. Like "A Partrige in a pear tree."
    I hope they grow a lot of orchards, and the Partrige is actually a Dove of peace.
    The sun is nice too.
    Perhaps a nice big bar of chocolate in the shade of the fruit tree would be a good addition.
    Can't have a country with no chocolate.....Jennybee
    Can't have that guy as President though. Can't have no government if you have a President.
    5000 is too big for a little island.
    1000 is the maximum acording to Robert Ardrey. That's the size of your ancient villag or tribal group. After that they split.
    Comunism has proved that government by the people is an impossible dream.
    Live and let live is a great motto.

  4. That seems like a nice little country and it's just not too far down the road from us here in Hungary. I wonder if they will allow freedom camping?