Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Environmentally Friendly Colles Des Mees Solar Farm Is The Biggest In France...

Installed in 2011 over two hundred hectares, approximately nine hundred meters above sea level, the photovoltaic park in Les Mees in the Southern Alpes-de-Haute Province is
the largest Solar Farm in France.
The installation has been completed with minimum impact on the land with no concrete foundation so that the land can still be grazed and the grass, continue to grow.
There are nearly one hundred and thirteen thousand panels which produce enough electricity for twelve thousand French homes.
Bravo France, it's the way to go...


  1. I'm more a fan of putting those panels directly on the 1200 houses. Even less impact on the land that way, plus no power lost due to grid transmission. However, it's big projects that help reduce the price of solar panels overall, so it's a win.

    Sure beats the heck out of another coal plant.

  2. With all that shade, I'm thinking the cows are saying, "Yay! Good job humans!"