Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Heather Is A Woman In Love. With Her Tiny Mortgage Free Home On Wheels...

There's nothing like love to make a person happy and when the object of the person's affection is their very own gorgeous classic and vintage tiny mortgage-free home on wheels, the feeling's a bit like winning a squillion dollars.
Heather's home is certainly tiny, only three point two meters by two meters but hey,
she's a minimalist and the living is easy...


  1. What more does anyone need than a place to call their own. Happiness cannot be bought - nice one Heather!

  2. Have you seen this home on wheels

  3. That is disappointing. A new Zealand couple Jola and Justin built the most remarkable house on wheels I ever saw. The link works in the USA. It is on a site, wimp.com

    1. You will find a story about their house on wheels here Rich, have a look at the post on December 20, 2014...