Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today's Ping Pong Tables Come In Crazy Shapes And Sizes...

Back in 1998 the Singapore artist Lee Wen took the traditional rectangular shaped table tennis table and created a fun doughnut table.
A section of it lifts so the players can access the center position. It's been turning heads recently at the Hong Kong Art Basel Festival.
But there are plenty of other shapes out there like the table in the shape of Easter Island, angled tables, a table representing a golf hole and others with very strange shapes and angles. It would be so easy to create your own table, just get a net, some balls and bats and enjoy the fun and exercise this wonderful game provides...


  1. When I was in college, ping pong was my game. The only person who could beat me was the guy who taught me all the tricks. It was a rough game the way we played it. Even cracked a couple of ribs in one tournament.

  2. I love the garden model...jennybee

  3. What in the hell is that in the top-left corner of the top pic?