Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Freedom Camping In New Zealand. Morrison's Bush...

Just a bit north of Martinborough which is just a bit north of Wellington, New Zealand's capital, is Morrison's Bush.
It is says my friend Harvey, a simply beautiful twenty acre wood with much Kanuka growing, where peace and quiet are guaranteed.
You drive through the farm, give the friendly farmer a koha and then find a spot to Freedom Camp down by the river or how about over there.
Or what about there.
For a few days. Or even longer...


  1. Beautiful place, this Morrison's Bush. Not only am I increasing my list of places to visit when I come to N.Z. but my New Zealandese vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. Yesterday I had never heard of Kanuka or for that matter Manuka trees that both supply honey. The Maori custom of koha (gift/donation) will come in handy too. Thanks, Keith.

  2. Now that's real freedom. Not everywhere could you do that. The custom of koha sounds great too. Everyone who is able should practice it.