Saturday, April 4, 2015

From An Old Wreck To One Of The Most Beautifully Restored Bedford Housebuses You'll Ever Have The Pleasure Of Seeing...

It's not often you get to see such an immaculately restored and presented housebus as Emmylou, the 1960 Bedford SB3 which is Trillian and Kerry's pride and joy.
Their work of art has been a work in progress since they bought the bus as little more than a wreck around thirty three years ago from Auckland's North Shore Ferries.
I caught up with them at Northland's Uretiti campground where they'd stopped for a few days while heading further north.
What really got my attention was the attention to detail, the riveting rivets all carefully positioned using a hand riveter. The hand-made rear bumper, a work of art that faithfully follows the curve of the bus, the beautifully crafted wooden window frames, the curved ply on the ceiling
and walls, the immaculate paint job.
Congratulations Trillian and Kerry.
Emmylou is a delight to the senses...


  1. Wow! They basically started with scrap iron.

  2. I see Two Reflectors on the rear ....but no TAIL LIGHTS ?????

  3. Beautifully done. I'd be beside myself with glee to wander the world in such a sweet traveling home.

  4. What talent to be able to take what looks like junk to most people and with plenty of imagination and hard work turn it into this beauty. Happy travelling.

  5. Somewhere there is a beautiful J5. Deliberately not much on outside, but the inside will blow your mind. Singer sewing machine cabinets and old organs predominate. haven't seen for a while. Guys name was John with the Gypsys Fair.