Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shamans Gather In Siberia's Sayan Mountains For A Spiritual Summer Festival...

A Shaman is a person believed to have
access to and influence in the world of good
and evil spirits.
Such folk will often enter a trance-like state to practice divination and healing.
Photographer Alexander Nikolsky found these Shaman gathered in a recent summer to celebrate the Call Of Thirteen Shamans that was held near the village of Khorum-Dag
in Siberia's Tyva Republic.
The nine day festival attracted the world's
most respected Shaman practitioners.
Hopefully their rousing of the spirits
makes the world a better place...


  1. How wonderful and so colourful. I just love their costumes.
    I have been priviliged to take part in a much less mpressive Shamanic ceromony in The Quarry at Byron Bay, where I and my daughter made costumes for the local Shaman and she led a spectacular Fire dancing ritual with others.
    I played my harp at some point and sang softly and a snake came out from the rocks on which I was seated and calmly observed the ritual, listened intently to my song, and the chant and drum of the participants.
    As nothing was amiss the snake went back among the rocks,and the ritual continued uninterrupted.
    All is right with the natural world....Jennybee

    1. Krikey Jennybee ! You can summon snakes with your harp ? That sounds a bit scary . NZ doesn't have snakes so I wonder what your harp would call up ? Big hairy spiders perhaps .

  2. Great photos and wonderful link to the Siberian Times. I think that will become my new favourite reading material.