Friday, April 3, 2015

Soon You'll Be Able To Buy Your Own Aeromobil Flying Car...

Your attention please ladies and gentlemen.
Aeromobil announce the arrival of their Roadstar Flying Car in just a couple of years.
Please put your seatbacks in the reclined  position and just relax until 2017. The cabin crew have additional information for you here so sit back and enjoy the wait.
So we have pigs that fly, A Flying Weasel, A Flying Tortoise and coming very soon to a motorway near you, A Flying Car.
Wow, will we see some road rage then... 


  1. Do we have to have a Pilots licence to drive/fly this beautiful machine?
    It could be a bitof a nightmare for Air Traffic Control.
    Solar powered and it would really be a dream come true......Jennybee

  2. . . . Not on my budget, sad to say.

  3. Road Rage, I think not. If all of these contraptions and creatures take to the sky, what we will have is Air Rage! Some clever scientists will have to invent Ragedar to detect it when it occurs, and sound an alarm using Air Rage sirens, so we can all protect ourselves by hiding in Air Rage shelters.

    Of course, eventually everyone will want to travel in orbital trajectories, after which we will have officially entered the Space Rage!

    1. I'm sure,that whatever happens Mr Lentberger, it will be for some, all the rage...

  4. What, no vertical takeoff? And neither looks the least like a DeLorean. What were they thinking?