Friday, January 3, 2014

The Simple Beauty Of The Humble Wooden Spoon By Robin Wood...

Thirty years ago, Robin Wood made the decision to never do a day's work he didn't enjoy. He decided too, to put mind body and soul into his work and do it in an environment close to nature.
The act of taking a tree, cutting it open, feeling the wood and making it into something that will be useful and bring pleasure for years is as it is for many, immensely fulfilling.
I've seen this man's work before and was over at Lloyd Kahn's Blog the other day and Robin was featured there.
Louis Sullivan, the famous American architect said in 1896 It's the pervading law of all things organic and unorganic... that form follows function. And so it is with the humble spoon.
Robin Wood, the acknowledged and acclaimed arbitrator of things wooden opines that these are the best twenty spoons in the world. And who am I to disagree with him. You can see them all here with descriptions of how they were made, for what purpose and by who.  Robin's beautiful Wood Craft Blog is here and there's more on the man here...

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  1. Those are beautiful. He does a fantastic job.

  2. Even a humble wooden spoon when made by hand with part of your heart in it can be a beautiful work of art.

  3. The right tool for the job. I've tried my hand at making a few wooden spoons while killing time down in the sugar bush in the spring. My inspiration came from my visit to the Good Life Center and from reading The Good Life by The Nearings. here is a link to a few spoon shots,

  4. Have you seen Robin's friend, Peter Follensbee's Blog?