Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How Many Of Us TakeThe Time To Smell The Roses...

A man stood in a Washington DC Metro Station on a cold morning just recently and started playing the violin. Over forty five minutes he played six beautiful Bach pieces.
Thousands of commuters passed him by, only six stopping for a moment to listen. Twenty people dropped thirty two dollars into his open instrument case. A small child was the one who stopped, listened and wouldn't move until his mother made him go with her.
When he finished his recital, silence resumed. Nobody applauded, nobody noticed his absence.
Nobody noticed the violinist was the world acclaimed Joshua Bell playing one of the most intricate pieces ever written or that he was playing a violin valued at 3.5 million dollars.
The occasion was organised by The Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.
The conclusion was that if we don't take a moment to listen to one of the world's best musicians playing the best music ever written, then what other things are we missing out on...


  1. When you get to my age, you miss a lot. But, I try to take in everything around me. My senses are not as good as they use to be, especially my hearing. But I still love beautiful music.

  2. What a shame we tend to race through life in such an oblivious fashion. Slow down, re-prioritise, simplify and listen to the music of life.

  3. Sad!.......No time to stop and stare

  4. Crazy isn't it. I am very aware that I get caught up and rush about like a headless chicken. As well as missing out on the beautiful and awesome things around us we don't produce quality. Stop and take stock. Stop and dream about the vision. Stop and really see whats going on. Live it. Pip.

  5. Street musicians are beautiful. Music is owned by big corporations who want $$$$.Street music is free.Big Brother doesn't want this to happen.No gatherings. Free for a little money.New Orleans lets music play on streets.
    Put it to the Man.Free music.

  6. Send him to Portland, Oregon. He will be noticed and appreciated here. I guarantee that!

  7. Last week I busked in Queen Street (Auck) made $40 in 90 minutes, next day I busked and played as I walked from Q street to the Wynyard Quarter and made $1.60 but I had much more fun.